The Zefal Z Eye helmet-mounted mirror is made from hard ABS chrome and therefore is not dangerous in the event of a fall. Being fully reversible ensures that you can easily change sides or have one on either side.

The Z Eye has a triple adjustment and easy mounting system that guarantees you get the most adjustable view whilst out on the road. For an extra set of eyes out on the road, the Zefal Z Eye is the perfect addition to your setup.



• Reversible: Can be attached to either side of the helmet •

Solid Mirror: The mirrors are made of unbreakable ABS chrome and therefore are not dangerous in the event of a fall

• Universal Mounting: Compatible with all helmets

• Double Adjustment At 360°: Orientation tailored to your position

• Quick Mounting: Easy and quick installation Specifications

• Material: Unbreakable chrome plated plastic

• Weight: 20 g

• Mounting: Universal with hook and loop straps

• Orientation: Multiple rotating and longitudinal adjustments

• Mirror: Convex

• Size of the mirror: 10 cm²

Zefal Z eye bikehelmet mirror black.