Supacaz Blue Bling Bar Tape
If you’re the member of your family who is always drawn to the neon, shiny or glittery things in your line of sight, you’ll want this Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Blue Bling Bar Tape on your handlebars now, right now! And we don’t blame you. Aside from making your bars look like a million bucks the silicone gel eliminates all vibrations for the smoothest ride ever!


Silicone Gel Backing Dampens Vibrations
EVA vibration dampening foam on the top layer also delivers anti-slip tackiness for grip while the EVA metallic finish offers high resistance to UV rays and a wide range of weather conditions. The much-loved, super-thin Kush Foam makes up the middle layer and maximizes the dampening while reducing hand fatigue; and the Silicone Gel backing provides additional vibration dampening for optimum comfort.


Feel Like A Winner All The Way, Every Day
The tape is completed with the embossment of the beloved Supacaz pattern on the Eva Metallic top layer. This not only gives the tape a distinctly stylish appearance but also wicks away moisture and maximizes grip. You simply can’t go wrong with Supacaz Bling Tape. With its standout shiny blue exterior and so many shock absorbing qualities to drastically improve bike handling in the corners, downhill, and in rough conditions you’ll ride, feel and look like a winner all the way, every day!


Box Contents
2 x Supacaz Bling Silicone Gel Bar Tape rolls
2 x Finishing tape strips - rubberised (Black)
2 x Bar Plugs (laser-etched, powder-coated Aluminium)

• Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Blue Bling Bar Tape
• Tacky, anti-slip properties for super-grip
• Silicone gel injected for the smoothest ride
• Plush hand feel
• Long lasting EVA tape
• Highly resistant to UV rays
• Shock-absorbing qualities drastically improve bike handling
• Embossed Supercaz pattern wicks moisture & maximises grip

Supacaz Bling And Blue Handlebar Tape