Ultra mini 400LM bike light with high efficiency LED
Anti-glare lens design, increase riding safety
Enhanced side visibility with side lighting design
USB-C fast-charging port saves you more time
Easy-to-read multiple battery power indicator
IPX7 waterproof rate, capable to withstand water immersion up to 1m depth
Easy and multiple mounting methods with Garmin mount
The tough metal case ensures a longer life durability
Memory: memorizes the last selected mode


Max Output 400LM
Max Run Time 07:00h
Visibility 89m
Beam Intensity 1900 CD
Waterproof IPX7
Drop Test 1m
Weight 85g
Dimension 72 x 31 x 31mm

Running Time

Mode Low Mid High Flash 1 Flash 2
Lumens 100 200 400 0-200 0-200
h: min 06:30 03:10 01:40 07:00 05:30

MagicShine Allty 400 lumens Front Light