The Blinder MINI Niner is so called for its array of 9 bright LEDs. These surface-mounted LEDs punch well above their weight, with the 11 lumens getting you safely visible from over 800m away. The Niner’s come with an integrated reflector face for extra safety. The lights weigh just under 20g each and are come with an easy, tool-less attachment with which you can securely connect to handlebars and frames of 22–32+mm. Designed to fit both standard and oversize handlebars and aero style seatposts. The charge time on these great lights is just over 2 hours, and what’s better is that you can plug them straight into a USB source without cables.



• Light Output:  11 Lumens

• 9 LEDS

• 90° Beam

• Visible from 800m

• Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 1.5cm

• Weight: 20g

• 5 Light Modes (Steady, fast flash, organic slow flash, organic flash fast, eco-flash)

• Low battery indicator

• Fits aero bars

• Changeable straps

• IP67 tested and 100% waterproof and dustproof

• Integrated USB plug so you can plug the light straight into a USB port without cables Runtimes 

• Steady 2.2 hours, Strobe 3.5 hours, Fading Flash 3 hours, Lightning 3.5 hours, Eco-flash 11 hours



Knog Blinder Mini Niner 11lm Rear Light