The KMC X11EL 11 Speed Chain is relatively new for KMC and came to live as a need from riders for an ultra performance chain with standard chain pins, instead of hollow pins on the X11SL. With standard pins, it becomes easier to perform road side maintenance on your chain and it carries a very small weight penalty.

Inside the chain, everything starts from the Extra Stretch Proof Pins that KMC uses. Everybody knows that flex steals power/watts/speed from you, be that in the frame, wheels, bars or even chain stretching. KMC design a new hollow pin and a new riveting process called "Flat Step" that seals the outer plate with an impressive 350kgs of pin power, making it the strongest chain connection in the industry today. In layman terms, less chain stretch = more power delivered to your drivetrain = more speed for the same effort.

To shed valuable grams from the chain, KMC computer designed the inner plates and outer plates to achieve minimum weight and also enhance mud shedding characteristics.

Gear shifting was surely not overlooked and KMC's X-Bridge technology provides super fast and smooth shifting, whilst ensuring compatibility with all drivetrain brands.



  • ExtraLight
  • Mud Shedding Design
  • High Rigidity
  • Double X Durability
  • Double X Bridge Shape
  • Outer Plate Chamfering
  • Inner Plate Chamfering
  • Hollow Inner Plates
  • Hollow Outer Plates
  • Highest Pin Power
  • Non-Directional
  • X2.0



  • 116 Links
  • 1/2" x 11/128"
  • Compatible with: Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo

KMC X11EL Chain