Ride Like a Pro and Be Seen

You don't have to be a Pro to use the Azur Strobe Light but with 10 Lumens at the back, you'll most certainly look like one.

Here in Australia, our road rules require bike riders to be visible at 200 metres through the employment of a front white and rear red light when riding in low light conditions. This is because other road users need to be able to see riders, and lights are the most effective visibility tool. However, while this is a minimum requirement many bike lights can make you stand out a lot more than that like the Azur Strobe for example




• 5 Super bright LED 10 Lumens

• USB Recharchable lithium battery

• Modes: 100% Brightness, 50% Brightness-flash- Pulse, Flash-Flash

• Charge time: 3 hours

• Waterproof IPX4

• Weight: 48g

• Size: 41mm x 38mm x 23mm

• Alloy body

• Tool free bracket

• Low battery indicator

• Charging indicator

• Micro-USB rechargeable cable

• Short press to change function, long press to turn off or on

Azur Strobe 10 Lumens USB Rear LED Light Black