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The start of something big...

So here we go...Just Pedal entering the world of blogging!

Since we opened in January earlier this year its been a total whirlwind! Time has flown past and we have enjoyed every minute. Meeting new customers every day and hopefully creating life long relationships is what its all about for us. We would like to thank all of you that have made us feel so welcome over the past 11 months. Without you we couldn't do what we do.

OUR simple! To get more people riding bikes and to help those who already have a bicycle to be more confident in using their bikes. People often laugh as us when we say we do ´BikeSchool´. The school isnt just about getting kids off of their training wheels. Not everyone was fortunate enough to have a bike growing up. We have helped people in their twenties and even peopele in their seventies. There are more people out there that are either too afraid to ride their bikes or just dont even see it as an option, that you think.

Finding you the right bike, for your purpose, is where our passion lies.

Watch this space for more blogs on how we intend to grow our bike shop!

Josh & Steve

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